Design Process


Do you remember your mom teaching you how to walk? or how to do things? Procedures, steps, process and many other terms, these are terms which simply pertains to you improving yourself, be organize and succeed. Just like the message of a line in the song Crawl by Chris Brown “if we crawl, ’til we can walk again…and we’ll run until we’re strong enough to jump, then we’ll fly until there is no wind”, it kind of reminds us that everything will never be perfect on the first shot, we follow steps, look at every point, and perfect. The design process is not a hard task at all, but neither a simple nor an easy one. It takes a lot of understanding and practice as well to be a proficient practitioner. 

There are 3 Design Process that I’ve learned today courtesy of through my professor. You know what I always think that it’s an advantage to be with someone who has all the resources, advantage talaga. These are Traditional Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid.

Traditional Waterfall is somewhat the most used one since everyone make use of it. From the name itself, it is a process where you can’t proceed in doing the next step without achieving the one prior to it. The process includes Define, Design, Develop Solution, and Deploy.

Agile is a method usually used by companies I think because it make use of different teams to attain the goals of a certain project. Example Sprint 1 for Team1, Sprint 2 for Team 2 and so on, which means you doing your task simultaneously.

Hybrid ….forget it. I’m so sorry I totally forgot about it. I’ll get back to you when I remember. hehe.

Generally, we have a fundamental Design Process which applies to all design works that we have. Define-Ideate-Design-Prototype-Observe.

Defining your Problem will help you  know if and how you solve hit, research is always inclined to it as this will help you define and generate solutions to your problems. Ideate and explore solutions; from 10 valid solutions, choose the 3 strongest ones and generate the best 1 from it. Start designing and prototyping, test your models and iterate it until its ready. And finally, monitor its performance.

Following these steps surely will dictate your position in the industry. These steps were all vital, something that will give you an advantage in the corporate world. Mastering it will take some time, but it will be worth it. Good luck.


Well, in connection to my InterActive Media subject, I found this site which is very interesting with featuring. I choose 2 which I think is where we all can relate.





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