3 Types of Photographs

There are three common forms of photos that a common photographer could have in his bucket of image files.

1. Photos that you Find

 – This kind of photo is, base on its category name itself, something that you find either by chance or by intension. If you intend to find one, well there are alot outside your niches, just choose the best angle and make magic. I have a sample here, there are some technicalities but good enough to be an example.




2. Photos that you Take

 – This time, it is a photo which you take intentionally; maybe in an event, you aiming to catch a one’s in a lifetime image.


3. Photos that you Make

 – Well this is the creative form of photos, something that you aim to produce with creative consideration. One form of this could be Product Photography as you make a specific position with a specific angle to produce an output that you want.




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