InterActive Media

Who would have ever thought from those simple smoke signals, cave paintings, symbols,  tools with stone wedges, abacus, and many others, our world have made it to computers, touch screen phones, and definitely, the wonders of the internet. From those start, our minds has created superb ideas contributing so much to our fast innovating world. Simple tools with simple use; they all were made to make life easier, better, and more interesting. Interaction is the main key to make these thing work; you make it, use it, be satisfied, and use it again. Improving it is always in the course of its use, the fact that each material is, most especially when it’s new, not at its perfect state, thus making it more interesting to study and develop its capability. It is the idea that make things what it is now; people become interested  which makes them ask for more, they dig deeper not only to satisfy themselves, but for the benefit of many others.

InterActive Media is the front of all these new innovations now. Everything under the sun, well mostly those media stuffs, fall under these category of multimedia for 2 reasons: i. because of its wider reach, lesser cost, and impact, and ii. is because most of these media files consists of the mediums for interaction design. Well, this commonly refers to things that are digital and is not limited to audio, video, games, animation, and web; most of them possess all, or if not, most of these features that allows interaction between the computer or the device and its user. Mostly, they were all for human use, for business, education, home, leisure and entertainment. Nowadays, there are multiple ways and places to experience this kind of innovation; leading is of course the social media which  through time develops multiple features not only to for communication but also for entertainment as well, others include interactive television, websites, and video games. But sure did this is not a piece of cake, investment on studying, bigger imagination, and understanding its logic plus the application of theories and other sciences are your baseline to be on top in this kind of media. Do consider that an artwork which aims to be interactive is interactive if and only if it does affect somebody either through emotions or by thinking.

For me, one of the most important part of the history of the evolution of our technology to reach its state right now it through the launching of the manmade satellite in space. The main use of these “satellite” is to build connections in the whole world through the technology of the internet. Internet will be useless if this device is not invented and launched. The goal of building connections from the North to South, East to West wing of the world, will be impossible and will only be possible through its launch.

InterActive Media is one of the concentrations of my 5 months study this semester. Think I still need so much time to build something incredible in preparation for my Final Project…Think, I’ll keep you updated..




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