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5 Things That I’ve Learned in ComputerGraphics

Well actually, every single bit that Sir Rey discussed is very significant to me because it helps to my overall skills. I’m not the person to trust when it comes to editing and designing thru Adobe Photoshop, but with the supplementary skills and techniques that I acquire this sem, I think I have something to be proud of na.

The most important ones for me are the following:

1. The 10 Free Ways to Improve Design Skills

   — For me, this makes me realize that my daily routine are the possible ways to improve myself. Its a sign that I;ve started doing it, so why not continue its practice and achieve what I want.

2. Epiphany 

  — Never heard of this word, “kay sir lang“.  I never thought that there really is a certain word that pertains to the things that you know, but you don’t know perfectly, like it is really happening. For me this is important because I makes me realize that I sometimes take things for granted, that i let things pass by without really understanding it.

3. Cognitive Understanding

 — When I’ve heard of the word “cognitive”, I can’t help myself but to think of the nursing stuffs that I’ve  had before. Well basicallyI think this so important for you to really understand and master your craft. Cognitive understanding is your thorough understanding to  what you do, and with this, nobody can question you for what you are doing because you know exactly what you are doing, from the innermost to the outermost of it.

4. Shortcut Keys

 — Additional knowledge to use hehe. As I’ve said I’m not so good in editing, so learning additional ways to make my work easier is really  an advantage. But later on, I’ve come to realize that I should learn to do it manually the normal way to be an efficient editor, –sounds like cognitive understanding!!

5. Difference of each file extension

 — As a practitioner of this field, it is really important that you know your file extensions, its diferences and the advantages that it has when you use it. There are file extension that will keep your material genuine, and some will make it a mess. Knowing these stuffs will be an advantage when you enter the corporate world. 


It is really fun knowing things from the master. You just have to explore and expand your knowledge to have an edge in the market; make yourself distinct and unique and be SOMEBODY in your chosen field.

hehe…  😀