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Colored to Black and White via Adobe Camera Raw – Hue



Colored to Black and White via Adobe Camera Raw – Saturation


Top 10 Essential Typefaces by ME Version 2


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Top 10 Essential Typefaces by ME


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10 Free Ways to Improve your Design Skills

There are 10 pretty little things that you can do to improve your design skills. What’s good is that you can have without paying or anything synonymous, just yourself.

1. Prepare realistic schedule. Do manage your schedule and make something feasible. Make sure to consider other projects that you have accepted to make sure that both or all projects will have proper attention and good output. Managing your time will also be the basis on making a reputable name.

2. Design with your computer turned-off. Learn to do pre-designs without the aid of your computer or else, you may end up wasting your time just browsing the internet. This is kind of an traditional approach in designing but it a very effective way to be more productive at the sane time, procuding better projects.

3. Analyze and critic. Have you experience overloading pockets because of leaflets distributed in public places? Well, dont waste the opportunity to improve by criticizing them and think of ways of how you can improve it.

4. Loiter in bookstores. Bookstores offers the best educational and informative materials, try to scan their books and maybe take photos of it to be more updated and for future purposes as well. You never know, maybe time will come that you can use and develop that same idea and make a huge impact in the world.

5. Redo old projects. Learning is infinite, you can always learn in every single day and in every single thing that you do. If you have old jobs that are, lets just say, not so appealing to the eyes, redo it when you think you’ve learned enough to improve it. Revisions in your old projects could also mean that you are trying to develop your skills and that may become your asset in finding job.

6. Seek new challenges. Do not stay in your comfort zone. There are a lot of challenges in this world that will definitely help you enhance your skills. The design industry is so broad, you have to be experimental because your current craft might be obsolete in 5 years, you have to explore to progress.

7. Solicit freelance and charity works. You can do free and charity works which can help to maintain and enhance your skills. This is a win/win act where the both of you can gain from the project.

8. Keep update to the latest news. This is like being “mr. know it all”. The latest trends has almost everything that can help you to do a better job or better yet cultivate yourself. These latest updates will also keep you from discovering more of you and what you can offer others in the near future.

9. Attend demos and seminars. Demos and seminars are good opportunity to learn from the experts, those to whom you can relate yourself and experienced enough to speak about the craft you are into.

10. Investigate new media technology. The new media, as part of the technological effect of the internet, is constantly changing. You have to be updated so you can follow the new trend and maybe you can develop a skill in this business where you can gain more experience and PROFIT.



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Book Cover Revision — Allergies: What they are and What to do about them…



Creative Brief

TITLE: Allergies : What they are and What to do about them 

Project:     Revising a Book Cover


-To design a cover that is more conducive to the subject matter of the book.

-To create a more interactive and modern-looking cover.



-for the general public especially those with allergies.

-no age limitations.

-since the book is pocket size, i think the design should target office dudes, school children, adventurous or out-going people, and definitely, for home usage.




 -at least 1 week for the creation and design, and 2 weeks for the publications.


-San Serif Typeface

– 5 * 8

-medical looking cover

– green


Planet Earth – Extrude via Adobe Photoshop




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My first produce using the Filters of Adobe Photoshop. Filters-Stylize-then Extrude; to produce the same effect, choose Pyramid size 12 of 50 depth at random settings. Some other layers were of random blending mode; mostly screen, multiply, overlay and others were in normal mode to have a very natural look.That will be all…Byeeeee..