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Wedding Invitation Version 2





This is my very first panorama taken 18 July, 2012 during the ICE Accreditation in Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna. I believe this is a combination of 5 photos edited in Adobe PhotoShop via Photomerge. Thank You.!



Lighting in Photography

As a newbie in photography, one of the very first lesson to understand is the importance of light in shooting photos. Technically, the meaning of photography is drawing with light, which simply explains the role of light in shooting. Understanding lighting is actually critical as it will dictate your position in the field of photography. Exposure, as basic knowledge in photography, is discussed prior to any other lessons since it is your foundation and that understanding the navigation of the 3 classification of exposure will make photography easier and more productive as it will give better outputs. Lighting is just one important thing to improve your photography. Let me give some example:



 This is an example of shallow – aperture priority photo. As you can see, I use f 5.6 as my aperture and since the rain just stop that time, its kind a dark so I use ISO 800 for better light coverage. Shutter speed is at 1/60.


This shot is a shutter speed priority photo.  Shutter speed is set at 1/200 to capture the raindrop itself when it fell on the ground. The setting of the aperture should be with consideration of the shutter speed so that more light could enter the lens, hence, capturing the scene perfectly with good light exposure.

This is a shutter speed priority photo but with failure in the setup of the aperture. If perfectly set, there should be no blur results and subject be illustrated with clarity in terms of its details.

So I bet I am able somehow to give little explanation with regards to exposure matters. Well at least  I was able to give clarifications to your queries. Now that I’m done with giving you a brief discussion of the importance of light and about exposure, I’ll proceed with discussing Lighting in Photography.

There are 4 different types of Lighting in Photography, all has special features of their own and has different light positioning to achieve that special feature of each technique.

1. Side Lighting

     -is a dramatic type of lighting as it gives emphasis only on one side of the subjects facial features. Definitely, there are some instances, lighting positions and angles where you can intensify the effects caused by this lighting technique.

2. Rembrandt Lighting

-is a portrait type of lighting and considered for royalty type of shoot. From the painting technique used by Rembrandt van Rijn, Rembrandt lighting is characterized by a triangular formation illuminated under the eye of the subject on the less illuminated part of the face. Basically, Rembrandt lighting is derived from the technique called “Chiaroscuro” which uses the interaction of light and shadow to form this geometric shape on the face.


3. Butterfly Lighting

-lighting that produces a butterfly-like shadow on the lower part of the nose, just above the upper lip.


4. Glamour Lighting

– also known as Hollywood lighting, Glamour lighting is commonly used during glamour photo shoot which prevents the existence of any form of shadow in the face of the subject. Commonly to achieve this, studio lights were placed right in front of the model.


I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my model

Mr. Raemon Christian Wagan andMr. Vladimir Laquindanum.

Also, the following websites for informations to further explain the techniques.

Of course, to my professor, Mr. Reynaldo Mendoza, who shares his knowledge to the class which I used to explain this article.