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Proverbs 20:9 KJV

the apple of our hearts

Proverbs 20:9

                Who can say, I have my heart clean, I am pure from sin? KJV

                My graphic design depicting this proverb centers on a dirty apple, an apple which fell on the ground in a heavy rain. For me, this represents much symbolism which explains the verse thoroughly. I do use it because it transcends my idiosyncratic views as a Christian of this verse.

Sin is all around us. Sin is within us. All of us were sinful. God created us with a size-fist ‘apples’ on our chest, just a little left from our sternum, a hundred percent connected to our entire body, and a hundred and one percent pure and clean. He loves us so much that He wishes that we won’t find another apple to replace this precious one. But a shinny, perfectly-shaped apple glows in the center of the wild; it engrosses and attracts the interests of Eve. A single bite ruins everything. The sin goes through her veins; it runs to her nerves, carried by her genes, transferred to her children and dwells to our system. His wonderful creation was ruined by a single act, but despite all this, His love to His children still linger. He sent His only son into this world to save us all. He sent His only son to save His precious apples.  He sends water to wash His precious apples, but sin is something undying, nothing can destroy it, nothing can prevent its continuous spread.

…A beautiful apple swinging on a tree. It accidentally fell on the ground due to a weather disturbance. Dirt covers its smooth skin. The rains freshwater wash its wholeness, removing all the dirt, illuminating its beauty. Yet, it still gets filthy; the weight of the water creates greater power forcing more dirt reach its skin. Leaving it dirty again…

“I am pure from sin?”


As a novice in using Adobe Photoshop, I just did simple techniques to produce this poster. All of it were taught to me my my professor and some were just a product of my exploration to the said software. I’m not good in blogging, and doing step-by-step procedures coz I used to teach personally, so please bare with me..:D

 ““`ok, these were the layers I used.


““`the photos I used.

Step 1.

After inserting the background photo (dried leaves), I convert it first into a smart object and  have it duplicate twice.

Layer copy #1, Smart Filter – Stylize – Extrude.

Layer copy #2, Smart Filter – Artistic – Rough Pastel.

Both to achieve a little painting look effect on the photo.

Step 2.

I insert the main photo of the project, the dirty apple. I do make 4 copies of it, including the original one, all 4 has different effects that helps me achieve my goal. I rotate and resize it the way I want it to be.

Layer copy #1, is actually a sketch. On the menu bar, Click FILTER – Sketch, then choose.

Sketch type depends upon your desired output.

Layer copy #2, is another copy of the main photo which I do Smart Filter – Artistic – Rough Pastel.

Layer copy #3, is an edited version where I do use the Magic Wand tool to delete some part of the photo. I think you’ve observe the optical impression of the light on the main photo,  I use this layer to enhance that effect.

Step 3.

Since my goal is to make it look like a painting, I include some brush strokes using #59 and #44

on the sides of the main photo.

I also include another layer where I used a brushstroke #74 to put leaf drawing on the photo.

Where to put the leaves is up to your creative taste as long as it won’t occupy or cover the main character in the photo.

Step 4.

Since were all done with the editing of the photo, putting some graphics on it and others stuffs,

lets now put the verse of the Proverbs chapter 20.

The typeface that I used in this line is ‘Mistral’. Effects were edited on the Blending Options pane,

including Drop Shadow, Inner and Outer Shadow, Bevel and Emboss, and Stroke. I clone the color of the apple to copy its

color for a sense of uniformity on the project.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget to include “Proverbs 20:9 KJV”. Well, I didn’t include it in the line of the verse to put

emphasis on it.

Also, include your water mark as the artist.:D